Exclusive Collection is a luxury hospitality group with six hotels, two spas, golf club, 9 restaurants, 2 Michelin stars, cookery school and a 12th century pub.

The brief was to create and identity for the group and its properties that better resonates with the brand proposition – 'Creating happiness in Amazing Places' – and evolves the heraldry of the existing brand. To shake off the pomposity associated with 'exclusivity' we had to inject a sense of modernity that steps away from traditional ‘Country Luxury’ and into ‘Modern Luxury’ with an ‘exclusivity for everyone’ purpose.

The new purpose identified the business as a collection of places where experiences happen rather than just a group of hotels – a luxury brand that operates from the estates of six country hotels. So we asked ourselves; what is modern luxury?

Exclusive Collection 26

The design brief asked us to modernise the heraldic aspect of the existing identity. Undertaking a three day design sprint allowed us to develop ideas, styles and an understanding of just how difficult it is to put together a piece of contemporary heraldry.

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Exclusive Collection 14

From heraldry, shields and crests we went towards luxury marks and something more emblematic.

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Exclusive Collection 12

Each hotel has embraced an animal that is native to the local area, the property or is representative of the location – a Fallow stag, a South Downs sheep, an owl, a (stone) lion, a race horse and a pair of love birds.

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