Tim Groom Architects

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Tim Groom Architects is an architectural practice in Manchester. Their buildings are precise, restrained, detailed + honest.

To define the proposition we worked with Tim Groom and brand strategist Tim Watson. Research + discovery revealed a strong sense of self, principles + ambitions that were already, subconsciously, driving the way they worked. We articulated it in two words. Control. Liberated.

The proposition drove the entirety of the design phase informing each choice + decision made. It also lives in the business. As part of their design process. How they choose projects. How + when they communicate. Or don’t.

The identity is expressed through a rigorous design system + toolkit. Key to the system is a bespoke typeface designed + built by eNaR with Tim Groom.

Proportions of characters were informed by proportions + forms found in buildings designed by Tim Groom Architects. Numerous cuts were made. The final cut is TGA Sans.